Monday, May 12, 2014

Pit Or Miss.

Behold a little ink and watercolour number I call Caught In A Mosh. A high proportion of the crowd are based on stereotypes I have observed in my years playing in rock bands - though not in front of crowds of this number it should be noted. Stand by for a more realistic depiction of my stage views where I paint a series of near empty rooms.

"Caught In A Mosh" watercolour and ink illustration by Mike Foxall

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Troll is Pleased With Itself.

Here's an ink and watercolour piece I did for Illustration Friday - an online drawing challenge / community with a weekly theme. On this occasion it is "Vanity" and I took the opportunity to make a bold statement surrounding the issue of body image in the troll community. Come out from beneath those bridges you noble creatures - you are all beautiful just the way you are...

"Troll is Pleased With Itself" ink and watercolour illustration by Mike Foxall

Hells Bells and Whistles.

 Here's a couple of mono designs I'm in the process of converting to screens. I'll then be hand colouring the prints and making them available for sale on a soon to be revealed revamped shopfront...

"Paid My Dues" ink illustration by Mike Foxall -
"Dare Devil" ink illustration by Mike Foxall -