Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Space girl with bionic breasts.

A generic but fun space lady I was asked to draw for a client. And before you ask - yes there is oxygen on this planet, and the in between weather is perfect for singlets.

I think therefore I ram.

From the moment I first became aware of these sweaty fur and leather clad behemoths of anachronistic metal they had my attention. The pyrotechnics, the codpieces, the ample guts - it all resonated, and when I heard the song Matilda - My Favourite Wife I was hooked. So it was with much pleasure that I discovered they were fans of my band The Neptune Power Federation and even more so when I was asked to provide artwork for their album Ram The World, and a music video for the title track.

Here it is, dare I say the finest metal vikings in space themed music video ever made...