Sunday, January 22, 2012

Holidays out of the sun.

I have just returned from a very relaxing holiday that included pursuits such as swimming, tennis and general healthy outdoor living. Of course as a dedicated indoorsman I still found time to include a Community DVD marathon and a bit of face time with my newly acquired iPad. Specifically seeing if it could operate as a decent drawing tablet with the help of an AluPen I picked up cheaply off the ebays and an app called Sketch Club. My choice to use Sketch Club was pretty arbitrary as there are a lot of decent looking drawing apps out there but it was cheap [$3 on the US iTunes store], has a nice range of brushes and most impressively includes layers with blend modes, photoshop style. It also has a cool feature that allows you to create a time lapse video of your illustration being created [I love watching other artists do these] and quite a thriving online community that you can upload and display your art with fellow digital scribblers.

It all worked pretty well. The obvious downside is that iPads are not pressure sensitive like proper drawing tablets which is a major bummer for truly natural looking illustration purposes. To compensate some of the Sketch Club brushes have some nice organic variations in line width which can offer neat results. I also had a recurring problem with my resting palm making the iPad think I was making a double finger pinch which rotated the canvas [Another cool feature of the app when summoned intentionally]. I ended up working around this by zooming into the area I was working on close enough that I didn't need my palm resting on the sensor glass to reach it.

Overall it was pretty cool. It's not nearly as godlike as my Waccom tablet but you can't beat the portability and I kind of like being forced to work within limitations and seeing what I can come up with.

Speaking of which, here's what I came up with including a couple of progress videos to "illuminate my process" as one would say if one were an annoying art wanker.


Juicy Roo said...

Love the video! Can't wait to see you start painting.

Fox said...

Stop hogging up all my comment space!!