Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Love making secrets of the ancients

Behold the ancient scrolls originally recorded by the unholy order of the Shaman of Poontang. Their verses have since been transcribed and set to music by an exciting new rock act known to sexually active Wizards and Maidens as The Neptune Power Federation.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Fail Satan!!

It seems to me in these uncertain economic times one of the few fail-safe methods of ensuring fiscal soundness is to start another band. Or at least that is what the financial advisor inside my head has suggested and who am I to argue with a head partner from Tipton & Downing Financial Planning Strategies and Wealth Mapping?

So form a new band I did. Grammy engravers, start getting accustomed to the spelling of a fearsome new outfit I like to call The Neptune Power Federation. The NPF [as the kids are already texting] like to perform fuzzed up NWOBHM tinged punk rock with a subtle stoner flavour and richly lathered in the occult. Riffs are typically judged successful if they roughly evoke the manner of a large inbred man-child chopping down a tree.

The band features an international lineup of players over-experienced in the ways of rock who collectively have performed in bands like Your Mother, All You Can Eat, Frenzal Rhomb, Mortal Sin, Demolition High Style, Nancy Vandal as well as winning an international air guitar championship. You'll just know them by their way wicked band names The Black Plagums [vox], Inverted CruciFox [gtr], Search and DesTroy [gtr], Jaytanic Ritual [bass] and Mr Styx [drums].

Whats more, this will be the first musical project I am taking the reigns of in my new role as world renowned super producer. Armed with an in the box Pro Tools system and an unshakable faith in my ability to learn stuff without being taught, I will be mixing the debut NPF album here at the Xray Studios sound lab. Sounds like a bit of a crazy idea huh? Well let me tell you a story about another guy from a very long time ago who people also thought had a lot of "crazy ideas". The story is from a little book you might have heard of called the Bible, and the guys name is Satan, and he has complete faith in me and super digs this band.

A debut song is a bees wang away from hitting the internets, and the complete album sometime early next year, hopefully on some kind of sweet vinyl. Until then, allow me to distract you after the jump with a bunch of artwork I have knocked up during NPF fuelled psychosis. You can also visit Facebook and become friends with the band and have future dealings with us. Welcome to the Federation.