Sunday, July 17, 2011

Accidentally Cherry Street.

I first encountered the rock and roll force of nature that is J.J Speedball on a mid 90s Nancy Vandal tour of the colourful northern city of Bris Vegas. J.J was playing with his old band Scrumfeeder and within seconds of seeing them performing I could tell we were in B.F.F. territory. Speedball's long hair was in school girl plaits, and the entire band was decked out in South Sydney jumpers and ludicrous face paint. There songs were just as short and stupid as ours and sure enough, post gig we all hit it off.

Our two bands have played a bunch of shows in the subsequent years together, and no matter how sparsely attended, J.J would be rocking at or above 150%, and deliver between song banter that made Paul Stanley seem like a timid wall flower. When not playing, Speedball would often act as our walk on M.C. delivering inspiring messages pertaining to "blowing the roof off this joint" and/or "setting the night on fire". He's also the kind of bloke that would think nothing of selflessly participating in a hard hitting interview on great hair metal albums of the late 80s in a Brissie pub toilet.

When he asked me to knock up an animated music video for a song from his recent hard rocking opus Southside Worldwide I was on the case within moments. Here are the results.....

Friday, July 08, 2011

I've never been so insulted.

Great news major announcement enthusiasts - It's time to announce yet another Xray Studios Swear Word of The Month™! Last month I asked for entries that combined two words to create a foul mouthed compound masterpiece. What followed was simply outstanding and a literary equivalent of the human centipede. There can of course be only one winner, and as usual they will take away a framed piece of hand drawn original art in the form of #6 in the Profane Robots of The 23rd Century series. That winner is....