Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Expletive saluted.

Another month, another automaton let's it's feelings be known with some colourful language. That's right, announcement enthusiasts -  it's time to unveil the Xray Studios Swear Word of The Month™!! Whose entry will take pride of place on the Xray Studios website header all August and take home a hand drawn rendering of their profanity? Celebrity guest judge Malcolm Tucker has decreed it be....

"Cock Alley" by foul mouthed correspondant Amelia!! As you will recall, August entries were required to have an olde world charm thus her prize is this steam punk influenced number. I'm particularly fond of this entry and believe it would fit perfectly in a context such as "Damn it all Shaftsbury! The entire expedition has gone up cock alley!"

Have you got what it takes to impress our Obscenity Judges? You too can take home a one off hand drawn piece of the Profane Robots of the 23rd Century series, lovingly mounted in the best frame my local $2 shop stocks. September entries are required to be strictly medical terms - No slang allowed! In short, something one could call a colleague at the pub to the amusement of all, but uttered in a doctors surgery, wouldn't raise an eyebrow [unless I was the Doctor in which case I'd probably piss myself]. Think "rectal prolapse" or "pubis" etc. Post your entries on the Xray Studios Facebook wall and let's get this party started as Pink once said.

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Anonymous said...

This is perhaps the most splendiferous competition I have ever encountered!