Friday, July 08, 2011

I've never been so insulted.

Great news major announcement enthusiasts - It's time to announce yet another Xray Studios Swear Word of The Month™! Last month I asked for entries that combined two words to create a foul mouthed compound masterpiece. What followed was simply outstanding and a literary equivalent of the human centipede. There can of course be only one winner, and as usual they will take away a framed piece of hand drawn original art in the form of #6 in the Profane Robots of The 23rd Century series. That winner is....

Dale McLean and his magnificently compiled "Cock Pirate". He wins this illustration of a dual headed protocol droid shortly before a factory recall.

For the August swear word of the month, I shall require a ye olde swear word. Something that may have been uttered in Victorian era England by an aristocrat whose gramophone just exploded. Now jump to it lest my cane meet your britches!!

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