Wednesday, June 01, 2011


Short of keyboard cat releasing a new album of Limp Bizkit covers, there is little that makes the internet totally wee it's britches with excitement more than the Xray Studios swear word of the month announcement. This month is no exception with celebrity judges Richard Pryor and Ian Chappell spending 34 sleepless nights pouring over a bevy of high quality entries.

They have decreed the award goes to Jase Woolmer whose football themed left field entry "Carlton" ignored most of the requirements of the competition however outside the box maverickism has never been discouraged at Xray Studios. It is also worth noting that Jase is a long time collaborator in numerous Xray Studios productions where financial renumeration has fallen significantly below industry standard [even for such classics as the IMDB listed You Are So Dead which took in over 180 million dolars at the box office]. Hopefully receiving this one off piece of framed sweary robo art [part of the prestigious Profane Robots of The 23rd Century Series] will mean we are now square.

For next months contest, I have taken a leaf out of my son's kindergarden teacher's approach to news day [I'm sure she will be delighted to be influencing the structure of an online swearing competion], and give some parameters for entries to maintain interest and focus in the whole operation. The Xray Studios July Swear Word Of The Month must be a compound swear word - i.e. combining two words to make a double headed cuss beast that would make a nanna blush and a Victorian police officer reach for the capsicum spray. What words will you choose to fuse together? Do you select two established profanities, disregard the laws of nature and forge a frankensteinesque super expletive? Or do you combine a regular obscenity with a totally unrelated word such as Nancy Vandal guitarist JJ La Moore did when formulating "dildo egg"? Do you choose two seemingly innocent words that together make Glengarry Glen Ross seem like an edited for christian television version of Highschool Musical? These are the choices you must make to run with the bulls in the Xray Studios SWOTM challenge. Now go my pretties... and fly!!

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