Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'm moving into Del Boca Vista, lock, stock, and barrel.

Sure there have been some great art exhibitions in the past, and yeah some of them probably had pretty nifty titles. But they have all been put to shame by the maverick genius's at ArtHive and the forthcoming Art Vanderlay Exhibition. The show will feature a bunch of Seinfeld themed pieces [including this Mandelbaum themed gem from my colleague Grant Hunter] when it kicks off this Friday. There will also be prizes for best Seinfeldian dress and an Elaine dance contest. Sweet fancy Moses!

I have contributed a couple of pieces including this one based on a pair of my numerous favourite peripheral characters...

So if you're in Newcastle this weekend and are a fan of awesomeness, you would have to be a complete hipster doofus not to attend.

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