Monday, February 28, 2011

The envelope please......

It's the highlight of the award show calendar. A glittering showcase that has industry bigwigs and star struck punters breathlessly hanging on the result. That's right - the Xray Studios Swear Word of The Month announcement is here! This interent phenomenon sees you the punter vie with like minded filth mongers for a chance to have your profanity appear in this website's masthead for an ENTIRE MONTH, delighting literally several visitors with it's wit and brilliance.

And the winner is....

After careful deliberation the academy have decided the March SWOTM will be awarded to Rob Walsh for his simple and elegant "Passage". Walshy walks away with an original piece of Fox art in the form of #2 in the Profane Robots of The 23rd Century series, painstakingly rendered in artline pens and mounted in the finest polished Scandanavian oak frame GoLo has to offer.

Admire the craftsmanship

Avid followers of this competition will no doubt be aware Walshy also provided the cussing for the month of January before the Xray Studios SWOTM was the prestigious prize generating showcase it has since become. They may then assume this month's accolade is some sort of clumsy retrospective acknowledgement for previously unrewarded genius ala Scorsese's The Departed Oscar. Xray Studios management bristles at this imagined accusation and wishes to denounce all who question the integrity of it's monthly expletive game show.

Think you can do better? Believe you have been robbed by a King's Speech-esque crowd pleaser while your more challenging and risky blue word or phrase went unrewarded? Then focus your bitterness and revenge fantasies on the SWOTM for April! Submit your entry on the Xray Studios Facebook page and a hand drawn piece of robo-cursing artwork may be yours!!

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