Thursday, February 03, 2011

Bloody hell!

As everyone already knows, Xray Studios is all about popular competitions and funtastic giveaways. So it should come as no surprise to anyone that I am unveiling an all new ongoing prize opportunity for lucky Xray Studios punters EACH AND EVERY MONTH!!

To get involved all you have to do is forward a suggestion for the Xray Studios Swear Word Of The Month™. If your entry is judged the most meritorious by our panel of linguistic experts and street punks, it will not only feature on the Xray Studios website for that month, but also be immortalised in an original sketch valued at $450,000*. The sketches will be part of a series entitled Profane Robots of the 23rd Century and are one-off originals depicting a droid uttering the winning piece of  filth - mailed directly to the lucky winners abode.

Ready to have your smut transformed into an original piece of robo-art? Simply post your suggestion on the Xray Studios facebook page before the end of the month. Remember the judges are most impressed by outside-the-box-thinking [actually "box" isn't a bad suggestion]. Try using an arcane profanity that is rarely used anymore. Or a filthy sounding word or phrase that isn't really obscene at all. Or simply make up a new piece of impropriety by combining a garden variety term with "tits" or "balls".

After the jump is the February swear word "Rod" incorporated into #1 of the Profane Robots of the 23rd Century series. Will #2 be yours?

Get vulgar friendos.

* Value may be inflated.

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