Saturday, October 30, 2010

Portait of the artist as a young skull

Another piece for the forthcoming I Louvre Rock & Roll exhibition takes shape. It's a work on progress of a self portrait at least partly inspired by Coopers Pale Ale as evidenced by the empty in the top right corner.

Once it's completed, I plan to poke little holes in the eyes and watch attendees as they mingle from a wall cavity concealed by the canvas. Any disparaging remarks regarding my work such as "fuck me - has he drawn enough skulls yet?" will be noted in my journal of foes.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I was made for painting you baby.

Art fans are polishing their monocles and adjusting their berets in feverish anticipation of a forthcoming exhibition of my various work. It all goes down from November at 3 to 13 at ARThive Gallery Newcastle and is being made possible by my good friend, sometimes Xray Studios thespian and Nancy Vandal enthusiast Grant Hunter, who is also a rather ace artist in his own right.

The exhibition will also serve as the official launch of my book I Louvre Rock & Roll and many of the items from it's very pages will adorn the gallery. What's more i have recently cracked out the old paints and am currently creating some brand new canvases of pure molten art gold. Here is a sneak preview of a emotive and densely nuanced series based on the heads of rock band Kiss.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Kilmister Bass Man

I have been ignoring the old blog for a while and the poor thing needs attention and nourishment. So here is a tasty illustration for the little fella to chew on. It's a Lemmy inspired piece for a forthcoming Musk rock and roll engagement.