Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Many years ago I created a hard hitting piece in the Vandal's Voice fanzine which foreshadowed a violent zombie apocalypse in idylic Summer Bay, the fictional universe of long running Aussie soap opera Home and Away. In response to the undead uprising, no nonsense grocery store mogul Alf Stewart saved the day by losing his shit and going all Harry Callahan on the unholy beast's arses. Unfortunately, even once the threat had passed, Alf found it difficult to clear the red mist that had descended around him and sought to continue his bloody rampage with whomever he came across.

This chilling vision was scorned by Summer Bay experts at the time. "It could never hapen" they said. "By embarking on a shotgun rampage Alf would sully the memory of Ailsa" said others. They ignored the warning signs, and Alf Stewart continued his dull, soul destroying existence at his stupid shop whilst the malevolent whispers inside his head became louder and louder.

Then what do you know - The other day in Coles my eye was drawn to the high qulality broadsheet TV Week with this headline splashed across the cover...
It is happening people, just as I foretold. Now I'm not 100% sure who Penn is but I do know he or she will not be the last victim of this tightly wound psychotic powder keg. And when they inevitable dig up beneath the Stewart home and make their grisly discovery, I will be there to say "I told you so".

See the original terrifying glimpse into the future courtesy of the Vandal's Voice after the jump...