Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The art of noise.

I'm pitching some ideas for a couple of forthcoming rock and roll concerts that I'd like to share with you, the internets.


Number one is a Big Day Out flavoured deal for a festival event. What I've done here is design a character whose very limbs and organs are made of the various pieces of musical equipment one would reasonably expect to be in use at the festival. It's as if the artist is saying that the festival attendees are so at one with the music these inanimate objects are a very real physical extension of their beings.

Or something.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kicking arse and shaking graves.

Back in October when this here blog was barely out of nappies, the bold announcement was made that I was to write and illustrate a graphic novel called The Grave Shakers. I claimed it would be finished by July in time for the Supanova pop culture expo and I would by then be the most handsome man in all of storyville. Well I've proven to be slightly ambitious in my goal setting, but do indeed have my stall booked in Supanova's artist alley and will be peddling my wares as planned. The wares themselves however will be 2 serialized comics of the graphic novel each about 25 pages in length. They comprise about half of the graphic novel in it's entirety which I now hope will be completed by the end of the year.

The serialisation idea is obviously a compromise due to me only having the thing half done [I didn't get to be C.E.O. of Half Arsed Records by completing things ahead of schedule] but I've found the story actually splits up quite nicely - and even contains a nice little cliff hanger of sorts at the end of episode 2. In fact it works so well I hereby intend to claim it was the original plan all along, and I shall edit the original blog entry to reflect this as soon as my Ministry for Information gets a moment.

Along with the hard copy versions of the comics I'll be providing digital versions as well - testing the iWaters and seeing what if any demand there is for the electronic medium. I'd be happy for this format to be popular as the production costs come right down and the chances of getting the thing out there into nerd world become more achievable. Of course I'll have both the digi and paper versions available through the site here as well for those of you who find comic conventions a step backwards in your social development.

Did I mention there will be other brand new Xray goodies available as well? No? Well there are! Including some fab promo stickers that hint at the Grave Shakers storyline sharing a wee bit from a Nancy Vandal video comic I made way back in the olden days. Check em out after the bumpage....

Monday, April 12, 2010

Tired and Cranky.

Hey internets. Here's a little preview of the Love Songs music video I'm currently working on amongst about a thousand other things at the moment. It's only 40 seconds long and is essentially to reassure Craigums that it is getting done as he is a cruel and violent individual when angered.