Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Nerds of prey.

My first Supanova was a ripping good time. I met some very cool artists and comic creators and was treated to what I considered a very high caliber of shut-in. Thanks to everyone who bought something or stopped for a chat. Whilst I can't quit my day job, I did offload a considerable stash of my wares and hopefully attracted a few new readers to the blog.

Highlights included running into old NV fan-come force of evil Fraggle [picture above], stumbling across the ultra groovy Burger Force team and having a super cool Finlander dude buy a copy of The Grave Shakers only to reveal he was doing publicity for Nazis In Space film Iron Sky, which I now know is being partly produced here in Australia. I'd previously stumbled across the fab trailer [check it below] which at that stage was just a demo/calling card seeking funding. When I heard it was all systems go I ended up geeking out quite severely in front of my new Northern European pal. And if one can't geek out in front of a publicist for a space nazi film at Supanova - where the hell can you?

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Juicy Roo said...

Not just because he recognized you way before you recognized him, but I reckon Fraggle's outfit was DA BOMB