Friday, June 11, 2010

24 Hour Party Person.

This weekend I'll be participating in the Comikaze challenge in which legions of sleep deprived nerds will attempt to create a 24 page comic in 24 hours. Sounds mental right? Yeah, MENTAL LIKE A FOX!! Anyways - you can follow my progress on the blog as I'll be posting the pages here as I hurtle towards glory / the completion of the comic.

MON 12:01

OK - we're off and racing. The way this works is every hour there are 3 key words posted by the event organisers which you need to include in your comic if you start in that hour. You then have 24 hours to finish. My words are greater, liqueur and jumping and I kicked off at 10 pm.

Not exactly sure where the story is heading however I've decided if I belt out an action / thriller using a well worn Holywood 3 act structure it will probably write itself.

And I'll end up with a comic that would form the good basis for a Steven Seagal movie.

Here we go...

MON 02:30AM
2 more pages done but now I need to go to sleep. This may drastically affect my 1 page per hour average unless I can get some serious sleep drawing done in the next few hours. It's never achieved this before but I shall sleep with an artline pen in one hand and see what happens.

MON 12:46PM
10 hours to go and I have 6 pages done. Shite. Come on Bauer!!!!!!

MON 02:58PM
9 down. Tick tock Clarise.

MON 05:47PM
12 pages! Half way there with 5 hours to spare. What a breeze.

MON 06:54PM
A teensy bit of cheating here. Desperate times...

MON 08:46PM

MON 09:45PM
Can't post. Drawing.
MON 10:55PM
21 Drawings. 24 hours. It'll have to do.


The Bluebird And The Bell said...

Looking forward to seeing the results!


I forgot this was on! I'll see if i can get something together. Look forward to seeing your entry MF.

Sniz said...

C'mon Mikey!!! Ignore the burning sensation in your drawing fingers, the intoxicating fumes coming off those artline pens, your husbandly duties and get this comic finished soooooon!!!!

Juicy Roo said...

You are unbelievable. It would take me 24 hours to do one drawing. So are you disqualified on that 21 drawing technicality?!?