Sunday, May 23, 2010

1975-1982. When rock ruled planet earth.

As reported in the alternate Musk universe, we finished another day recording the debut ep on the weekend. I love Recording studios - it's easily the best part of the whole being in a band thing. Unlike playing live, I can overcome my musical deficiencies somewhat [via the glory of multiple takes, cut/paste and software plugins] to produce something greater than the sum of it's parts. Sure it would be cool to be an awesome Jon Spencer / Nicholaus Arson type live performer but you need skill, looks and charisma - the software for which has yet to be invented.

So far the recording seems to be coming together pretty well, though whether the wider music listening world is ready for a homage of the imho awesome 1975-1982 rock era is another thing entirely. "Probably not" is the common sense answer but it will not be through lack of effort on my part. To help things along I shall now use the power of this massively influential blog to celebrate a bunch of my favourite late 70s rock tracks floating around the youtubes. Check it after the bump.....

HUSH: Bony Maronie
Kicking things off with the classic and underrated Aussie glam rock outfit boasting one of the coolest lead axemen this country has ever produced in Les Gock [that flying V is six string sex]. Also worth checking out is the Kath Day-Knight-esque moves of the Countdown dancers at 1:40.

KENNY: The Bump
Another discovery made via the awesomeness of the K-Tel compilation LPs of the late 70s, this track is a huge influence on the creation of Musk. Raw guitars, Gary Glitter drum beat, vocals by turn raspy, chanting and pure Beach Boys fruit - what a combo! Interestingly the song was written and performed by a guy not in the band Kenny - as is evidenced by Kenny's subsequent output.

I regard the four Kiss solo album's of 1978 as extremely useful empirical evidence to assist in evaluating who the coolest member of the band was. Ace wins hands down of course, with this song leading the way, well supported by the equally cool Speeding Back To My Baby and disco rock classic New York Groove. Massive sound, wicked drum solo, plus Ace's trademark bad yet awesome vocals and kick arse guitar playing highlight this track.

AC/DC: Rocker
AC/DC have probably influenced every second rock band that has ever existed and Musk are no exception. I have always had a soft spot for their mid 70s Bon Scott output and this song is a killer example. The rhythm section of this band had the power to destroy entire solar systems, and to that you add Angus and Bon. Mental!!

FOGHAT: I Just Want To Make Love To You
Man I love this video. If there is a more awesome overblown intro and buildup to a song I haven't seen it. I'm also a massive fan of the look the bass player is rocking here.

SLADE: The Bangin' Man
I have banged on about the glory of Slade before so obviously they would be on this list. This is quintessential mid-70s raw rock and roll perfection. The guitar sound makes the absence of God seem utterly implausible, and Noddy Holder shifting up a vocal octave at 2:37 blows my arse out everytime.

The Sweet were great as a poppy glam band in the early 70s but were just as great post Chapman/Chinn in their hard rock phase. Love the refrain bit and the chorus is ludicrously catchy.

THE RUNAWAYS: Schooldays
It was tough to find a single song to illustrate their greatness so I went for the one with the best video quality as to ensure Joan Jett's utter hotness is best showcased. Musk's first ep contains a cover of The Runaways classic Cherry Bomb so it's fair to say we think they are pretty good.

TED NUGENT: Wango Tango
Before he was a right wing nutcase the Nuge was.. well he was always a nutcase of some description. Exhibit A is this personal fave slab of late 70s hard rock. If you've never heard it - It's worth checking out his deranged face/maserati metaphor in the breakdown at 2:15, accentuated by the increasingly overused random race track cutaway in this video.

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