Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The art of noise.

I'm pitching some ideas for a couple of forthcoming rock and roll concerts that I'd like to share with you, the internets.


Number one is a Big Day Out flavoured deal for a festival event. What I've done here is design a character whose very limbs and organs are made of the various pieces of musical equipment one would reasonably expect to be in use at the festival. It's as if the artist is saying that the festival attendees are so at one with the music these inanimate objects are a very real physical extension of their beings.

Or something.

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Next up is a double barreled punk tour featuring US bands The Bouncing Souls and Hot Water Music. Here I have visually linked the tongues of the snakes to the bookmark peeking out of the book in the preacher's hand. "What the hell is that book?" I hear you breathlessly ask. Well, symbolism fans - It's only a little tome you might have heard of called the Bible!! It's as if I'm making a comparison between the untrustworthy, dangerous reptiles and the good book itself! Quite a mind blower eh? Bet you didn't see that one coming.

So in summation - If you like you're graphic art to contain some controversial and hard hitting themes as well as a bevy of subtle visual metaphors, I'm your homeboy. I also draw a good cock and balls.


Anonymous said...

Dictation comes to mind... or was it Dicktation?
Is there anything that a rudimentary pictorial representation of male genetalia cannot do?
Millicent McKnob

Fox said...

No Millicent [if that is your real name] there is not.