Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Make mine a Mind Drink.

With the double pronged threat of the global financial crisis and global warming there is little doubt people are poorer and thirstier than ever before. What a relief then that there is a product in the beverage market place that comes in a range of exciting sizes and flavours that will cost you absolutely nothing!!

I speak of course of Mind Drink - the hip new imaginary refreshment that is on the cusp of taking the world by storm. You can enjoy a mind drink anywhere, anytime. There are none of those nasty calories, artificial colours, sweeteners, additives, sugar, saturated fats or super poisons in a Mind Drink - that's because there's nothing in it at all! And the best thing about pretend beverages is the savings in overheads, production and transport costs are all passed on to the consumer - so have as much of it as you please and never pay a cent!

Imbibing simulated liquid is only half the fun however. Things get maxed to the extreme when you share your Mind Drink experiences with the fresh and happening young online Mind Drink community. Find out how after the jump!!

Getting involved with online Mind Drinkers is easy.

Step 1. Pour yourself a refreshing Mind Drink.

Step 2. Photograph yourself enjoying your Mind Drink. This can be with other Mind Drinkers...

or even better, with friends not even aware of what a Mind Drink is.

Alternatively - use your rad Photoshop skillz to introduce the exciting world of Mind Drink to others...

Step 3. Become a fan of Mind Drink on popular social networking site "Facebook" and upload your pics....

Mind Drink on Facebook

So - Are you feeling thirsty?

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