Sunday, March 14, 2010

Acoustic guitars can now be played by beardless guys with shoes.

Below is my poster design for a new tour featuring Joey Cape and Tony Sly from 90s pop punk giants Lagwagon and No Use For A Name respectively- playing accoustic guitars of all things! It's not the first instance of this bizarre syndrome and heavens know what other oddities are headed our way now the dam walls are leaking. Punters have been demanding a Peter and The Test Tube Babies unplugged set for years while The Pan Flutes of G.B.H. is something I could seriously get behind. Of course the punks on acoustic guitars phenomenon was kick started by my old band Nancy Vandal and our raw and moving unplugged number 28 Bands For 28 Bucks at the end of the classic 1996 long player The Debriefing Room. Many critics weren't exactly sure what they were listening to at the time [just as we were a bit vague on what we were supposed to be playing] but suffice to say history now judges us as ahead-of-our-time innovators - as I always assumed we were.

Anyway - Designing a rock poster where the the use of skulls and bats and what not is inappropriate put significant strains on my design prowess. An arty silhouetted photoshop piece with but a hint of past pit-based glories is the end result. Check out the full poster after the jump

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