Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I was just resting my eyes!

Man have I left the old blog unattended for a while. God knows what mischief it's been up to whilst my attention was elsewehere - Running wild in the streets selling crack and listening to pop music is my reasoned guess.

My excuse is I have been super busy with the unexciting world of paid work. Sure it aint much to blog about but solid gold medallions featuring my own initials don't pay for themselves ya hippies. Of course thanks to the vampiric hours I keep I have sporadically managed to squeeze out some more artistically credible work [I use the phrase relatively] fit to light up the pages of blogsville. One such project is a new animated music video for my Stateside punk rock penpals The Lovesongs. It's still very much a work in progress but the wheels are in motion - as evidenced by the above pic of Craigums "spanking his plank" as they used to say in the 70s before innuendoists soiled that expression for ever.

I'm also feverishly working on the much talked about graphic novel "The Grave Shakers" in the hope of having something ready for Supanova in June. At this stage I think I'll probably have a couple of limited edition 22 page comics available to enthrall the ensemble of nerds and mouth breathers. After the jump behold a recent page in a timelapse slideshow of it's various stages of development.


Ash said...

Awesome watching the layers evolve. It's going to be amazing

Juicy Roo said...

I'm insanely excited about this. It's looking 1-888-fan-freakin-tastic.