Tuesday, January 01, 2008


I like to play in a few bands. Here are some of them!!

The NPF is a demonic shit storm of old fashioned metal fuzzed up and delivered via Ouija board to it's unholy army of fans. FAIL SATAN!!

Look closely and you may find trace elements of me in guitarist Mikey Musk from this densely moustached 70s rock juggernaut. Playing soon at an RSL near you!! MUSK FOR LIFE!


Once upon a time rockin' was my business, Nancy Vandal my job description and poorly attended pubs my cubicle. Despite going into receivership some time ago - there still are a few NV fans scattered about the place and we occasionally even reform just to remind everyone why we did no good the first time around. Check out the official NANCY VANDAL WEBSITE or NANCY VANDAL FACEBOOK ZONE.


AndrewM138 said...

I heard you guys on my youth rock station; you rock!

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