Sunday, January 03, 2010

Things certainly were different before all these changes.

Right on Rik! So as you can see I've like totally redesigned the blogspace. What's more the old Xray Studios website has now been superceded by the blog 100% - all professional like!! For the moment this only works properly when you go to as opposed to but I'll be sorting that shit out pronto.

It was a bit of an effort making these changes and I approached the necessary html editing with the same level of confidence a hairdresser would with a bomb disposal job. Yet by carefully adapting some webmaster geniuses work to include my own graphics and info it has turned out ok.

Please enjoy the new look, Roxette style.

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Juicy Roo said...

Although I believe Rik delivered that quote while he was at the DHSS. Young ONes NERD, thats me.