Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Return of Sgt Kole!

Panzer tank and tiny forehead fans rejoice - He's back!

Yes - I have uncovered another long lost comic featuring heroic Sgt Kole and his crazy WW2 adventures. As explained in a previous post, Sgt Kole was created by my good pre-teen self back in the early 80s. I've sat on the property for the subsequent 3 decades waiting for DC or Marvel to make the first move but I will wait no longer.

Using the lucrative stage of the world wide web Sgt Kole is finally finding it's audience and with Hollywood slowly turning every single comic known to man into a film - surely the Sarge's time will come soon. I'm encouraging ideas in the comments section re casting and plot as I believe it will create industry buzz.

Check out the comic after the jump....

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