Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Props for our homies.

Nancy Vandal historians may well recall the time we collaborated with our State-side brothers in arms and fellow hair metal devotees Your Mother. It was back in the summer of 97/98 and led to a short, shambolic [and truth be known - shit] Australian tour that hit such iconic Aussie rock and roll land marks as some Mildura football oval and the Iron Duke Hotel in Alexandria. 

The YM guys were polite young fellas - and thought it rude to enter our fair country without lavishing us with gifts. Namely the gift of some fucked up 28 Days Later-strength flu which annihilated half the touring party - including my good self for several hallucination and vomit filled days.

But it wasn't all hallucinations and vomit. I still fondly recall them brazenly questioning the sexual orientation of Mildura's local football team, tearing through Judas Priest's Free Wheel Burning and generally being splendid company as we rather sheepishly hosted them on the sad and sorry "tour" we'd cooked up. We've kept in occasional touch with them since then however like Nancy Vandal, they succumbed to popular demand and stopped performing.

Which is not to say they haven't been busy little beavers. Frontman Craigums has focused on mundane shit like writing a book on his antarctic travels and winning an international air guitar competition.  Also - he and non-aging YM drummer Brad formed another band called The Love Songs who continues to rock as hard as a sackful of KK Downings which brings us to the point of this nostalgia laden post.

The Love Songs have a new album out entitled "Another Guaranteed 40 Minute Music Set" and it's packed full of killer tunes, lyrical giggles and as the pic at the top clearly illustrates - one of the best album covers of all time. Check out their website to have a listen and look at stuff. In particular - check out the The song of the month section which contains a treasure trove of covers from such varied artistes as Air Supply, The Cure, Hoodoo Gurus, The Stooges, Screeching Weasel [accoustic!] and heaps more. The one that really takes my fancy is their rendition of King Contrary Man from The Cult's epic, awesome and none more rock album Electric [an album I've only recently discovered Craigums and I have a crazy arse passion for]. In the early Nancy Vandal days we considered covering the very same song but found it too difficult so we did this instead.

I regret nothing!!!


Juicy Roo said...

I'd buy that album just because of the cover.

Anonymous said...

Spoiler alert: this record smells like cock.