Wednesday, December 16, 2009

First look at The Grave Shakers

I've posted the first few pages of the graphic novel I'm working on after the jump. I'll continue these little updates periodically before suddenly cutting them off, forcing addicted fans to purchase the complete graphic novel. I learnt this "free taste" marketing philosophy from my heroin dealer the mischievous scamp.

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Acrasia said...

Wow! Seeing as I know many important friends in the 'graphique novelle' business and my desk smells of rich mahogany, I was hoping to shoot you down early and hard.

But I have to say, even as someone who actively dislikes comic books (with the exception of The Maxxx, JTHM, and The Invisibles), The Grave Shakers totally kicks arse! Well done Fox old chap, I shall continue your allowance and you may live in Blakeney Manor over the summer. NOW GET BACK TO WORK!