Thursday, December 10, 2009

Britney Spears talks frankly about the all new Xray Studios Shoppe

Greetings merchandise fans. As the world's premier unhinged mime artist I get up to a lot of whacky shit. But there's one thing I'm never whacky about and that's christmas value. Christmas value such as that provided by the all new XRAY STUDIOS SHOPPE.

The Xray Shoppe contains an outstanding range of fashion and accessories including tshirts, bags, badges, stickers, caps and more. If you're having trouble buying for that person that has everything - shut that smug, rich, over privelleged twat up by laying down some bitchin' Xray merch on their arse. And while you're at it - why not get something for yourself? I didn't want to say anything but what your wearing now makes you look like a hobo.

Spears out!!

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