Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wacom drawing tablets rock

I bloody well love my new Wacom Intuos4 drawing tablet [or Wacom Siege Intuos4 drawing tablet as I say hilariously]. For years I was resolute in my view that such a device could never replace the glory of a HB pencil and Artline marker however I've finally jumped ship.

Perhaps it was because I was basing my view on the performance of an older Wacom tablet I owned with an active area slightly larger than a cigarette packet and a pen with the sensitivity levels of Andrew Bolt. It was kind of like saying I didn't need an ipod as I already had a portable music playing device in my cassette walkman.

The 8 gig model

Seems like the boffins at Wacom Texas labs have made several significant breakthroughs in the years since my first tablet was made and the current model really does kick arse.

Here's some stuff I have been tinkering with so far...

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