Saturday, October 17, 2009

Graphic Novel ahoy!

So I'm writing and illustrating a graphic novel and there isn't a damn thing you can do to stop me.

Why a graphic novel? Well I guess this marks the temporary shelving of my ambition to create a feature length animated film for the time being. I love animation but doing something on a grand scale requires a lot of collaboration and organisation - and if there's two things I hate it's communicating with others and making plans.

So I've downsized my crazy pipe dream to a humble graphic novel. It's just like an animated film only quieter and I can do it all in the privacy of my own rural compound. There's still a fair bit of work involved of course and I'm psyching myself to become a heavily focused, resolutely determined kung fu master of graphic novel creation. The aim is to have it completed by July 2010 which will require pumping out about 4 pages per week. That seems a lot.

The old blog shall contain progress art along the way - and hopefully shame me into keeping my arse into gear.

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